Christian Contreras is one of the leaders of Justice X ( which is a coalition of Black and Latino lawyers who are dedicated to advancing the interests of Black and Brown people as well as marginalized populations in all forms including through legal representation. Christian Contreras is also a junior partner at the civil rights firm Guizar, Henderson & Carrazco, LLP ( where he prosecutes civil rights cases against municipalities and individual peace officers for Fourth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment violations primarily stemming from the tragic shooting deaths of individuals. Christian Contreras also has an extensive pro bono practice which includes representing protesters in criminal court who have been arrested as well as representing protesters in civil cases against municipalities and individual police officers for violation of their civil rights. Christian Contreras’ work also encompasses representing individuals and organizations in impact litigation in areas such as homelessness and worker’s rights. Recently, Christian Contreras and his Justice X colleagues filed a class action lawsuit in federal court against the City of Los Angeles and Chief Michel Moore for the widespread and longstanding misclassification of Black and Latino Los Angeles residents as gang members of gang associates.

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