COVID-19 Testing and Demographics

Who is eligible for COVID-19 testing in LA County.

Testing is prioritized as follows:

  • Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms
  • All essential workers regardless of symptoms, including:
    • health care workers
    • first responders
    • social service employees
    • utility workers
    • food supply workers and
    • other public employees

  • Asymptomatic individuals who are: 
    • 65 years old or
    • have chronic underlying health conditions
  • All individuals in institutional congregate living settings, including:
    • skilled nursing facilities
    • long-term care facilities
    • homeless shelters
    • and correctional institutions

All testing appointments are made at If you've been tested and haven’t received your results, contact your lab's customer service, available here.

What we know about COVID-19, race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status in LA County

The Racial, Ethnic & Socioeconomic Data & Strategies Report summarizes findings of those who:

  • have been tested
  • have been diagnosed with infection
  • have required hospitalization

The data in this report will be updated regularly.

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