Día De Los Muertos Virtual Altar


¡Bienvenidos and welcome to the 2018 United Latinx Fund Día De Los Muertos virtual altar!

Honor nuestros antepasados by donating in their name to ULF and we'll commemorate their lives by adding their name and photo to our virtual Día de los Muertos altar. 

STEP 1 - Donate

Our virtual alter offers four levels to give:

  1. Memorial - $50 donation  

  2. Conmemoración - $40 donation

  3. Recuerdo - $30 donation

  4. Memorias - $20 donation 

STEP 2 - Commemorate

Please email the name of the individual being honored and a photo to [email protected]

* To display the best possible image of your loved one, all photos should have a minimum resolution of  400 x 500 dpi.



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