Why should I support ULF?

According to the Pew Research Center, Latinos will account for approximately 29% of the U.S. populations by 2050. Supporting United Latinx Fund’s (ULF) mission to transform, uplift and improve the quality of life for all Los Angeles residents means investing in sustainable, community-driven solutions that benefit local communities and in turn, our state and nation.

With generous support from workplace giving, ULF funds nonprofit organizations that provide job and housing opportunities so Latinx can advance and thrive in Southern California. We also invest in community leadership so they can effectively serve the areas of greatest need and advance innovative solutions to ensure our community’s success for generations to come.

When you invest in ULF, your gift is much larger than its sum. Gifts of varying amounts combine to offer the support, resources and leadership needed to ensure our community’s future.  An investment in the Latinx community is an investment in Los Angeles and the region’s future. To this end, ULF is currently funding nonprofits working to address two of the most pressing issues facing the Latinx and greater Los Angeles community: jobs and housing. For the 2017-18 year, ULF’s funding priorities support programs and strategies that improve job readiness, increase the number of living wage jobs and make housing more available.

To learn more about how to partner with and/or support the United Latinx Fund, please contact [email protected].

What matters most to you?

ULF is excited to offer new opportunities to give that empower emerging philanthropists, enhance our current investments in jobs and housing, and provide a platform that builds local nonprofit capacity to serve the Latinx community:

Community Grants Program

ULF’s Community Grants Program funds small grants to grassroots nonprofit organizations committed to creating a Los Angeles where Latinx thrive. Community Grant recipients not only receive a seed grant to help provide job and housing opportunities, but receive support from ULF to build and strengthen their capacity. To learn more about the Community Grants Program please contact [email protected].

Giving Circles

ULF continues its long-standing commitment to cultivate a new generation of Latinx philanthropists via Giving Circles. A Giving Circle is a collective of donors that pool their investments in order to enhance the impact of their individual gift and support a local social issue or cause that they identify as important to their community. ULF offers Giving Circles as a vehicle for emerging philanthropists to network, establish their own priorities, fundraise collaboratively and affect local change.

ULF's initial Giving Circle, the Young Professionals Giving Circle, provides a space for emerging philanthropists to practice, give and lead. Members contribute a minimum of $100 per year and ULF provides administrative support so that the money raised makes the most meaningful impact. To learn more about the Young Professionals Giving Circle, please contact [email protected].

Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative

The Latinx community's success relies on a vibrant and sustained nonprofit sector. To this end, ULF launches the Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative (NCBI), a series of social enterprises designed to build the capacity of Los Angeles' nonprofits that serve the Latinx community. The NCBI works to not only sustain nonprofits financially, but provides the skills necessary to better serve the changing needs of the Latinx community such as: Board Capacity Building; Social Media Advising, Management and Content Production; Philanthropic and Social Enterprise Advising; and Policy Roundtables. To learn more about the Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative please contact us at [email protected]

Donate today and help ULF cultivate a new generation of philanthropists, build the capacity of Latinx nonprofit leadership and affect positive change in Los Angeles and beyond.