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The current moment sets a historic, global precedent rooted in the COVID-19 crisis, rampant racial and ethnic disparities, and increased violence toward Black and Brown communities at the hands of law enforcement. In response, calls for multi-racial, multi-generational coalitions are elevated in the national discourse as essential to effect systemic change. Latinx comprise multiple nationalities and identities and are impacted by diverse policy issues, not just immigration. Advancing civil rights and justice throughout America requires explicit knowledge and engagement of both Brown and Back communities and the unique diversity therein (e.g. race, national origin, sex, gender identity, age, citizenship, etc.) as well as other ethnic groups that share common histories, struggles, solutions, and victories.

Featured Guests

Co-Moderator - Judge Rupert A. Byrdsong

Judge Rupert A. Byrdsong was appointed to the bench in 2014. Before his appointment, Judge Byrdsong was a fierce advocate in the courtroom and recognized as a Southern California Super Lawyer Rising Star from 2005 to 2008 and a Southern California Super Lawyer, 2010 through 2014. In 2006, he was listed in the Daily Journal as Ones to Watch describing the top employment lawyers in the greater Los Angeles area.

As a bench officer, Judge Byrdsong has covered several different assignments, including unlimited jurisdiction civil trials, complex (asbestos hub), and an unlimited jurisdiction individual calendar court. He presently sits in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Dept. 28. Judge Byrdsong is a member of the LACBA Labor and Employment and Litigation Executive Committees. He is a founding member of the Association of African American California Judicial Officers (AAACJO). He frequently lectures on legal issues with notable groups such as The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers, Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), California Employment Lawyers’ Association (CELA), and the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel (ASCDC).

He is serving a three year term on the California Judges’ Association representing the interests of the Los Angeles Superior Court statewide. In that capacity, Judge Byrdsong serves as the CJA liaison to the California Lawyers’ Association and is the co-chair of the Membership Committee. Judge Byrdsong was the President of the Langston Bar Association in 2006. He graduated from Morehouse College (Phi Beta Kappa) in 1991 and Vanderbilt Law School in 1994.

Alex Sanchez - Executive Director of Homies Unidos

Alex Sanchez is an internationally recognized peacemaker and co-founder of Homies Unidos in Los Angeles where he has developed and implemented innovative violence prevention and intervention programs since 1998 and has also lead the organization as Executive Director since 2006. An outspoken community leader, Alex’s commitment to disenfranchised youth and their families in the Latino and largely Central American communities of the Pico Union, Westlake and Koreatown areas of Los Angeles, is rooted in his own personal journey that includes having been a gang-involved youth, target of the INS, LAPD and Salvadoran national police and death squads.

Alex is a hands-on prevention and intervention professional that has made a positive impact in the lives of thousands of at-risk youth and their families. As a well-respected violence prevention pioneer and expert on gang culture and youth criminalization, Alex has advocated for comprehensive intervention strategies, immigration reform and Black-Brown unity – promoting racial tolerance and cultural understanding as a form of violence prevention.

Christian Contreras - Esq. for Justice X

Christian Contreras is one of the leaders of Justice X (Justice-X.com) which is a coalition of Black and Latino lawyers who are dedicated to advancing the interests of Black and Brown people as well as marginalized populations in all forms including through legal representation. Christian Contreras is also a junior partner at the civil rights firm Guizar, Henderson & Carrazco, LLP (GHClegal.com) where he prosecutes civil rights cases against municipalities and individual peace officers for Fourth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment violations primarily stemming from the tragic shooting deaths of individuals. Christian Contreras also has an extensive pro bono practice which includes representing protesters in criminal court who have been arrested as well as representing protesters in civil cases against municipalities and individual police officers for violation of their civil rights.

Christian Contreras’ work also encompasses representing individuals and organizations in impact litigation in areas such as homelessness and worker’s rights. Recently, Christian Contreras and his Justice X colleagues filed a class action lawsuit in federal court against the City of Los Angeles and Chief Michel Moore for the widespread and longstanding misclassification of Black and Latino Los Angeles residents as gang members of gang associates.

Stephen A. King - Esq. for Justice X

Stephen A. King is a reputable and seasoned trial lawyer with over 100 jury trials to verdict. His passion for justice has led him to obtaining several million dollar jury verdicts including serving as a lead trial lawyer on a team of lawyers who obtained the largest non-economic damages verdict in Riverside County of $40 million in 2015. Mr. King’s other recent successes include a $1.1 million verdict against the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for First Amendment violations in 2015 and a record-setting $3.1 million verdict against the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services in 2016 for Fourteenth Amendment violations.

Mr. King is the founding owner of Kings Justice Law and is a founding instructor at Trojan Horse Method where he travels across the country teaching lawyers trial presentation skills. He’s also a graduate of the world-renowned Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. Currently Mr. King enjoys being a father to his twin boys Kareem and Elijah and working in co counsel relationships with other trial lawyers.

Skipp Townsend - Executive Director of 2nd Call

Clifford Thomas Townsend, known as Skipp Townsend, is an American gang expert and former documented Bloods gang member for over 27 years from Los Angeles, California. Townsend is known for his role in several documentaries and movies: How to Make Money Selling Drugs, The '80s: The Decade That Made Us, Crips and Bloods: Made in America, ESPN's Series 30 for 30, and Gangland episode: "One Blood". He also assisted the casting department in two episodes of T.I.'s Road to Redemption. Townsend is co-founder and executive director of 2nd Call, a gang intervention non-profit, and board member of the Southern California Cease Fire Committee. Townsend is often interviewed as a pragmatic expert regarding police-public relations and as an "interventionist" regarding community conflicts.


Información del evento

El momento actual nos sienta un precedente histórico y global, basado en la crisis de COVID-19, las disparidades raciales y étnicas, y el aumento de la violencia hacia las comunidades de color a manos de los que aplican la ley.  Los llamados renovados para la creación de coaliciones multirraciales y multigeneracionales se elevan en el discurso nacional. La comunidad Latinx representa múltiples nacionalidades, identidades, y es una comunidad con múltiples temas. Por ejemplo, alrededor de un cuarto de todos los latinos son afrolatinos, mientras que muchos tienen orígenes indígenas en toda América Latina y el Caribe. Por lo tanto, el fomento de los derechos civiles y la justicia de la comunidad Latinx debe reconocer implícitamente y hacer participar explícitamente nuestra diversidad (por ejemplo: raza, origen nacional, sexo, identidad de género, edad, ciudadanía, etc.), tanto como a otros grupos étnicos que comparten historias, luchas, soluciones y victorias comunes.

Invitados destacados

Alex Sánchez - Director Ejecutivo de Homies Unidos

Alex Sánchez es un pacificador reconocido internacionalmente y cofundador de Homies Unidos en Los Ángeles, donde ha desarrollado e implementado programas innovadores de prevención e intervención de la violencia desde 1998 y también ha dirigido la organización como Director Ejecutivo desde 2006. Líder comunitario declarado, el compromiso de Alex con la juventud privada de derechos y sus familias en las comunidades latinas y en gran parte centroamericanas de las áreas de Pico Union, Westlake y Koreatown de Los Ángeles, tiene sus raíces en su propia trayectoria personal que incluye haber sido un joven involucrado en pandillas, un blanco de las Oficinas de Inmigracion, el departamento de la policía de Los Ángeles, y la policía nacional salvadoreña y los escuadrones de la muerte.

Alex es un profesional de la prevención e intervención que ha tenido un impacto positivo en la vida de miles de jóvenes en riesgo y sus familias. Como pionero respetado en la prevención de la violencia y experto en la cultura de las pandillas y la criminalización de los jóvenes, Alex ha abogado por estrategias de intervención integrales, la reforma inmigratoria y la unidad entre las comunidades Afroamericanas y Latinx--promoviendo la tolerancia racial y la comprensión cultural como forma de prevención de la violencia.


Christian Contreras - Abogado de Justicia X

Christian Contreras es uno de los líderes de Justicia X (Justice-X.com), que es una coalición de abogados Afroamericanos y Latinos quienes se dedican a promover los intereses de los Afroamericanos y Latinos, tanto como a las poblaciones marginadas, en todas sus formas, incluso mediante la representación legal. Christian Contreras también es socio junior de la firma de derechos civiles Guizar, Henderson & Carrazco, LLP (GHClegal.com), donde lleva a cabo el procesamiento de casos de derechos civiles contra municipios y los agentes de policía individuales por violaciones de la Cuarta Enmienda y la Decimocuarta Enmienda, principalmente a causa de las trágicas muertes de personas por disparos. Christian Contreras también tiene una amplia práctica pro bono que incluye la representación de los manifestantes en el tribunal penal que han sido arrestados, así como la representación de los manifestantes en los casos civiles contra los municipios y los agentes de policía individuales por la violación de sus derechos civiles.

El trabajo de Christian Contreras también abarca la representación de individuos y organizaciones en litigios de impacto en áreas como la falta de vivienda y los derechos de los trabajadores. Recientemente, Christian Contreras y sus colegas de Justicia X presentaron una demanda colectiva en el tribunal federal en contra la Ciudad de Los Ángeles y el Jefe de Policia Michel Moore por la extensa y prolongada clasificación errónea de residentes Afroamericanos y Latinos de Los Ángeles como miembros de pandillas de los asociados de pandillas.


Stephen A. King - Abogado de Justice X

Stephen A. King es un reputado y experimentado abogado litigante con más de 100 juicios con jurado para el veredicto. Su pasión por la justicia le ha llevado a obtener varios veredictos por jurado de millones de dólares, incluyendo el de ser el principal abogado litigante en un equipo de abogados que obtuvo el mayor veredicto de daños no económicos en el condado de Riverside de $40 millones en 2015. Otros éxitos recientes del Sr. King incluyen un veredicto de $1.1 millones en contra del Departamento del Alguacil de Los Ángeles por violaciones a la Primera Enmienda en 2015 y un veredicto récord de $3.1 millones contra el Departamento de Servicios para Niños y Familias del Condado de Los Ángeles en 2016 por violaciones a la Decimocuarta Enmienda.  

El Sr. King es el fundador y propietario de Kings Justice Law y es un instructor fundador de Trojan Horse Method, donde viaja por todo el país enseñando a los abogados habilidades de presentación de juicios. También es graduado del Colegio reconocido mundialmente, Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. Actualmente, el Sr. King disfruta siendo padre de sus hijos gemelos Kareem y Elijah y trabajando en relaciones de co-abogacía con otros abogados litigantes.


Skipp Townsend - Director Ejecutivo de 2nd Call

Clifford Thomas Townsend, conocido como Skipp Townsend, es un experto en pandillas americanas y ex-miembro documentado desde hace más de 27 años de la pandilla ‘Bloods’ de Los Ángeles, California. Townsend es conocido por su papel en varios documentales y películas: How to Make Money Selling Drugs, The '80s: The Decade That Made Us, Crips and Bloods: Made in America, La Serie de ESPN ‘30 For 30’, y un episodio de Gangland: "One Blood". También ayudó al departamento de casting en dos episodios de T.I.'s Road to Redemption. Townsend es cofundador y director ejecutivo de 2nd Call, una organización no lucrativa de intervención de pandillas, y miembro de la mesa directiva del Comité de Cease Fire Committee del Sur de California. Townsend es entrevistado frecuentemente como experto pragmático en relaciones públicas y policíacas,  y como "intervencionista" en conflictos comunitarios.

August 13, 2020 at 5:30pm - 6:30pm
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