Chat with Dr. Gary Segura, Dean of UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.

To prepare for Wednesday's Salon, ULFLA reached out to Dr. Gary Segura to find out more about this fascinating thought leader....

1. Aside from academic research and everything else important you have to read, what book are you currently reading? Or is there an article you've recently read that you enjoyed and why?

Well, I read principally for work, or I read complete trash—mystery novels and the like.  I would comment on one thing I read recently that deserves your attention, if only in the skeptical. “Hillbilly elegy” is a hugely popular book with lots of truths that I think gets American politics COMPLETELY WRONG! LOL  It needs to be read in the context of reading a classic, Richard Hofstadter’s essay in Harpers, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics.”In terms of reading next, I am thinking of Colson Whitehead’s the Underground Railroad.  I hear its good.
2. Since you're new to LA, what are the top two things you want to do in the next two months?
I want to identify five good restaurants to fall in love with that I haven’t yet been to—real food, not performance food.  I like a comfortable setting and lots of flavor, rather than white table cloths and “confit of this” and “reduction of that”…

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