Biden reportedly picks Isabel Casillas Guzman to lead the SBA

President-elect Joe Biden picked California official Isabel Casillas Guzman to lead the Small Business Administration (SBA),  said Bloomberg citing people familiar with the decision.

Guzman served as deputy chief of staff and senior adviser to the administrator at the SBA during the Obama administration and has run her own small businesses.

Since April 2019 she’s been director of California’s Office of the Small Business Advocate, part of that state’s Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development.

Before working at the SBA Guzman was a director of strategic initiatives at ProAmerica Bank, a commercial bank that serviced small and mid-sized businesses, according to her LinkedIn biography. ProAmerica was acquired by Pacific Commerce Bancorp in 2018.

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Hope Foundation Program

Bank of Hope takes great pride in supporting education in the communities where we operate and have distributed millions in scholarships to date through the Hope Scholarship Foundation. We hope that the Hope Scholarship can act as a 'small but great hope' for the selected students to advance their futures.

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Presidential Election and the Latinx Vote

Register now to the 2020 Presidential Election and Latinx Vote with the Webinar Link provided below!

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What is the future for Latino Voters in the US?

Representation for the Latino vote has become a battle within the last century. Latinos are a very diverse population not just demographically, but ideologically. When it comes to politics, there is no “Latino community”. And while Latinos are a disproportionately Democratic electorate, 2020 reminds us is that there is no single story here.

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Heres What we Need to Know

On this episode of here's what we need to know, officials LA county Election officials have been analyzing the election returns. This is providing a small glimpse of the most expensive ballot measure in California History.

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Californians For All

In need of volunteers to help your organization better serve your community? California Governor Gavin Newsom's California Volunteers have developed the#CaliforniansForAll initiative to connect volunteers with organizations that seek to provide COVID-19 relief. In addition, the initiative connects interested individuals with multiple other ways they can help save lives in these difficult times.

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Petition To Appoint Latinx Senator For California

In its 170-year history, California has never had a Latina or Latino represent the state in the United States Senate.

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Academia Avance Tamale Fundraiser

The Academia Avance family is having a drive-in Tamale sale for all, please preorder your tamales or sponsor an Avance family who has been impacted by Covid-19.

A sponsorship for 20 dollars buys a family a dozen tamales!

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IBank Disaster Relief Loans

The California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank’s Small Business Finance Center has loan guarantee programs that are designed for Disaster Relief, one of which is currently available to small businesses needing assistance to overcome economic injury caused by COVID-19. Businesses should apply directly with one of the participating lenders listed on the IBank’s site.

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Call To Action!

The youth justice system in L.A. County is on the verge of a great transformation—with your help! 

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