Randy Angel Valle Juarez

Randy Angel Valle Juarez was an amazing person, a shinning bright star, an upbeat person who always had a bright smile for the people around him. Randy loved meeting new people and was always happy when he learned there were new people at the Griffith Observatory where he worked. He welcomed everyone with a big, bright smile and shining eyes.  This man was loved by many some who eventually came to be my best friends, their confidant, and partners in crime because he would not judge you and always give you his heart. He loved to learn new things and was always up for some type of adventure whether is was a more quiet adventure like playing MARIO Kart 8 against each other and laughing, or going to Castle Park and riding all the rides laughing and picking the best ones.  We know you are up in heaven having a blast dancing, singing, and just interacting with all the other souls up there.  You were taken from us way too soon and even though our hearts are torn into pieces we know you will always be with us and we know we will see you in the future.


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